Charlotte Quiner- is the mother of Caroline and Eliza Ann Ingalls. She was married to the late Henry Quiner, and than married Fredrick Holbrook. She died in the episode of Author, Author.

Family Edit

Henry Quiner (husband,deceased)

Fredrick Holbrook (husband)

Caroline Ingalls (daughter)

Eliza Ann Ingalls (daughter)

Mary Ingalls Kendall (granddaughter)

Laura Ingalls Wilder (granddaughter)

Carrie Ingalls (granddaughter)

Charles Fredrick Ingalls (granddaughter)

Grace Ingalls (granddaughter)

Albert Quinn Ingalls (adoptive grandson)

James Cooper Ingalls (adoptive grandson)

Cassandra Cooper Ingalls (adoptive granddaughter)

James Ingalls (grandson)

Amelia Ingalls (granddaughter)

Jenny Wilder (adoptive great granddaughter)

Unnamed Kendall (deceased great-grandson)

Adam Kendall Jr. (deceased great-grandson)

Rose Wilder (great-granddaughter)

Unnamed Wilder (deceased great grandson)